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【酒吧】Los Angeles || CA, USA - The Obscure

The Obscure, an invite-only distillery tasting room is a testament to the art of crafting exquisite spirits and cocktails. The journey began with a reservation starting at $50, which might give pause, but trust me, it's an investment that rewards you with an unforgettable experience. Three spirit tastings and three exquisitely crafted cocktails are included in the package.

Having attended Season 1, I was instantly enamored and didn't hesitate to secure my spot for Season 2. The Obscure's commitment to innovation and quality is evident in every detail. The spirits presented were a symphony of flavors that tantalized the senses and left me yearning for more.

The interior, while currently undergoing expansion, already boasts an ambiance that seamlessly combines industrial aesthetics with a welcoming vibe. The promise of ongoing expansion and the introduction of new spirits only heightens the excitement for what's to come.

Season 1 Spirits includes: Four Thieves Gin, Dichotomy Brandy, and Seven Spheres Rye. The spirits were masterfully presented, with each one revealing a story of craftsmanship and innovation. The attention to detail was palpable, and it was clear that every element had been carefully curated to create a symphony of flavors. The cocktail preparations were a sight to behold. The Gin, crafted using the old-fashioned method, exuded a unique charm that harkened back to another era. However, it was the Brandy that truly stole my heart. The nuanced notes and rich complexity of the Brandy, along with the accompanying cocktail, left an unforgettable impression.

1356 Palmetto St,

Los Angeles, CA 90013

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