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【酒吧】Los Angeles || CA, USA - Chi Chi LA

If you plan to dine at Chi Chi LA, remember this: Reservation is a must! This place gets incredibly busy on weekends, and it's no wonder why. Chi Chi LA is a restaurant like no other, offering an extraordinary blend of dining and entertainment.

The atmosphere on a weekend night is positively vibrant and bustling. The reason? Well, it's all thanks to the special feature at every table – the personal ordering devices. These nifty gadgets aren't just for placing your food orders; they're a gateway to a world of fun and games.

Each table has its own ordering device, which not only allows you to select your dishes but also provides a variety of interactive games. You can enjoy mini-games by yourself or challenge other tables. There are even spontaneous group challenges initiated by the restaurant. Plus, there's a chat room where you can strike up conversations with diners at other tables.

Now, onto the food. Chi Chi LA offers a tasty menu, though portions are on the smaller side. The flavors are delightful, and I highly recommend trying their flavored Soju cocktails. They come with eye-catching glowing lights and adorable duck decorations that add a cute touch to your dining experience.

The only drawback is that engaging in conversation can be a bit challenging due to the continuous sounds of excitement from people playing games all around you. But if you're here for a fun and interactive dining adventure, this might not bother you too much.

610 S Berendo St,

Los Angeles, CA 90010

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