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【酒吧】Long Beach || CA, USA - The Exhibition Room

The Exhibition Room, next to Roxanne's Cocktail Lounge, the connection through the vintage 1940s-era phone booth sets the tone for the adventure that awaits. A nod to the past, revealing the secret password from Roxanne's website adds an element of excitement that piques your curiosity even before you step foot inside.

Securing a reservation is essential, and trust me, the anticipation only makes the experience more exhilarating. The exclusivity of entry ensures that you're in for a tailor-made evening of wonder and delight.

The drink menu is nothing short of extraordinary. The mixologists at The Exhibition Room are true masters of their craft, conjuring up innovative cocktail creations that are nothing short of works of art.

1117 E Wardlow Rd,

Long Beach, CA 90807

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