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【美食】Temple City || CA, USA - Shiki Seafood Buffet

Despite hearing mixed reviews from my friends, I found the food to be delicious, especially the seafood, and the variety of options made it a worthwhile dining destination. I couldn't resist indulging in the crab legs and shrimp, and I must say, the quality was exceptional. Each bite was a burst of freshness, and I ended up enjoying three generous plates of these delightful treasures from the sea. The seafood offerings on the day I visited were nothing short of excellent.

Beyond the seafood, Shiki Seafood Buffet boasts a diverse and extensive spread of dishes. From Asian delicacies to Western favorites, the selection catered to all tastes. The hot food stations offered a wide range of flavors, leaving me spoilt for choice. For the quality and variety of food available, the price was indeed reasonable, making it a great value-for-money buffet option.

However, it's worth noting that visiting on a weekend can mean facing a considerable crowd. As a result, the replenishment of certain food items may take slightly longer than expected. Despite this minor inconvenience, the friendly staff and the overall ambiance of the restaurant made the experience enjoyable.

535 Rosemead Blvd,

Temple City, CA 91780

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