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【美食】Temple City || CA, USA - Mr. Kuso Cafe

Mr. Kuso Cafe truly captures the essence of Taiwan with an impressive array of Taiwanese-inspired snacks. My personal favorites are: 1. "Fried Pork Blood Rice Cake," a mouthwatering dish that combines crispy rice cake with rich flavors. 2. "Pork Cheek Meat with Garlic Sauce." The succulent meat paired with the aromatic garlic sauce, the tenderness of the pork cheek was truly remarkable. 3. "Duck Blood & Spicy Sticky Tofu Combo" is an absolute must-try.

The only downside I encountered was the early closing time for dinner – 8:15 PM. It's a bit early, especially for those who enjoy leisurely evening meals. Nevertheless, the incredible dining experience more than makes up for this minor inconvenience.

6326 Rosemead Blvd,

Temple City, CA 91780

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