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【美食】Taichung || Taiwan - Rare Bar & French Cuisine

I recently dined at Rare Bar & French Cuisine located inside Windsor Hotel Taichung during the reserved dinner time. The restaurant was almost empty, with just one other table besides ours. It was a shame that the mixologist was not working that day, as I was looking forward to trying some unique cocktails. Additionally, since it was already dark outside, we couldn't enjoy the supposed scenic view.

You can still order the lunch set menu if you want, which offers smaller portions. The presentation of the dishes was exquisite and highly photogenic. However, I must be honest in saying that the taste did not live up to the price of the set meal. It was regrettable that the flavors fell short of the expected standard given the price. The only redeeming aspect was the desserts; they were slightly above average. The birthday cheesecake provided was a thoughtful touch and, in my opinion, the best part of the entire dessert menu.

I might consider returning in the future solely to sample their cocktails, hoping for a different experience. However, I am uncertain about ordering a full meal again based on my initial disappointment.



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