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【美食】Los Angeles || CA, USA - TOKKI

My recent visit to TOKKI was for a company gathering, where our sizable group decided to embark on a culinary journey by ordering the entirety of their menu. What followed was an awe-inspiring exploration of taste and texture that left us all speechless.

A quick tip: the plaza is a hotspot for various renowned restaurants, which often makes finding parking a challenging feat. My suggestion is to park in the vicinity and enjoy a leisurely stroll to the restaurant.

Among the array of delectable offerings, a few dishes stood out, etching themselves in my memory. The Korean Sweet Potato, roasted to perfection, presented a harmonious blend of sweetness and crispiness. The Scallop Poke Bite, featuring Hokkaido scallops wrapped in a delicate fried rice casing, was a visual and culinary masterpiece.

The Perilla Oil Noodles, chilled and tossed in their signature sauce infused with perilla oil, evoked memories of the beloved flavors of Chinese sesame oil chicken noodles. The Beef Tartare, accompanied by homemade Korean pear compote, fresh pear, and a luscious egg yolk paired effortlessly with bread or could be savored as a standalone sensation.

A recommendation that simply can't be stressed enough is the Uni Toast. A divine combination of fresh uni, artisan bread, and creamy avocado, it's a must-try that elevates the dining experience to new heights. The Truffle Kimchi Fried Rice, infused with the bold flavors of kimchi and truffle bulgogi, crowned with a poached egg, was also very delicious!

However, the pièce de résistance was undeniably the Dae-chang (Beef Intestine) over Rice. Marinated in soy glaze, these intestines transcended expectations, offering bold flavors and an unexpected tenderness that left me utterly amazed.

To complement this extraordinary feast, I indulged in the Nightcap cocktail—a cold brew coffee infused soju. The fragrant coffee notes mingled with the spirit, creating a libation that was nothing short of magical.

3465 W 6th St Suite 90-100,

Los Angeles, CA 90020

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