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【美食】Los Angeles || CA, USA - T Equals Fish & Sushi Roll

My first visit to T Equals Fish & Sushi Roll was nothing short of spectacular! We were a group of three ladies and one gentleman, and because we were unsure about the portion sizes, we decided to go with the three-person L set meal, which included Korean Rockfish, Flounder, Halibut sashimi, and a seafood platter.

Thank goodness we didn't opt for the four-person set, because the three-person set turned out to be an absolute feast! It came with a delightful array of side dishes that left us pleasantly surprised. From the moment we started with the appetizers, to our own individual salads, tofu, steamed egg, tempura, grilled fish, and even a comforting bowl of miso soup, it was an abundance of flavors and textures that filled us to the brim.

The quality of the seafood was outstanding. Each piece of sashimi was incredibly fresh and bursting with natural sweetness. The Korean Rockfish had a unique and satisfying texture, while the Flounder and Halibut sashimi were pure bliss. From the unexpected variety of side dishes that came with our set meal to the delectable seafood and impeccable service, this restaurant truly has it all. I can't wait to return for another culinary adventure. It's safe to say I'll be dreaming about their seafood until then!

1101 S Vermont Ave #101-102,

Los Angeles, CA 90006

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