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【美食】Los Angeles || CA, USA - Hangari Kalguksu

Made a reservation with a group of friends to Hangari Kalguksu. One thing to note is that the parking lot is rather small, and during peak hours, it might get crowded quickly, even with valet service available. If the lot is full, consider parking at the nearby shopping mall and taking a short stroll to the restaurant. It's a small inconvenience well worth the incredible dining experience awaiting you. Also keep in mind that the restaurant follows a policy of taking orders for the entire group before seating. While it might take a bit longer, it ensures a smoother experience once seated, as they won't take additional orders at the table.

We ordered the following:

1. Hangari Bossam (Extra-Large, Serves 6): For a feast to remember, the Hangari Bossam was the perfect choice. The boiled pork belly, paired with crisp cabbage leaves and the delightful sweet and spicy radish kimchi, was a symphony of flavors and textures.

2. Beef Bulgogi: Hangari's prized dish lived up to its reputation! The tender and marinated beef bulgogi, accompanied by a house salad, rice, and a soul-soothing soup, made for an unforgettable and satisfying meal.

3. Chicken-Kalguksu: Seeking comfort in a bowl? The Chicken-Kalguksu delivered just that! The knife-cut noodles in a rich chicken and anchovy broth created a heartwarming experience that left us content and thoroughly satisfied.

4. Clam-Kalguksu: Seafood enthusiasts will be pleased with the Clam-Kalguksu. The knife-cut noodles soaked in anchovy broth, infused with the essence of fresh clams, offered a delightful and umami-rich flavor.

5. Seafood-Kalguksu (Attention: Spicy): Adventurous diners, this one's for you! The Spicy Seafood-Kalguksu was a rollercoaster of flavors, with the heat of spiciness balanced perfectly by the soothing anchovy broth.

Prepare to be amazed by the ample serving sizes at Hangari Kalguksu! Especially when it comes to dishes with noodles, like the Chicken-Kalguksu, Clam-Kalguksu, and Seafood-Kalguksu, each portion could easily feed two hungry diners. Our party of eight ordered five dishes and found ourselves unable to finish everything in one sitting. If you're planning to visit Hangari Kalguksu with a group, consider sharing a few dishes rather than ordering one for each person.

3470 W 6th St Suite 9 and 10,

Los Angeles, CA 90020

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