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【美食】Los Angeles || CA - Crab House

If you're a seafood enthusiast like me, Crab House is a must-visit spot in Los Angeles. My friends and I decided to beat the dinner rush by heading there on a Sunday afternoon around 4 PM. The parking lot was surprisingly empty, making it a breeze to find a spot.

We were able to walk right in and grab a table since it wasn't crowded yet. However, by 5:30 PM, the place started filling up, and a line began forming. Despite the 1.5-hour dining time limit, the limited seating meant there was a bit of a wait once the tables were all taken.

We opted for the Korean Marinated Raw Crab and the USA Marinated Raw Crab. The Korean version came as one large crab, expertly cut into four pieces, while the American version featured four smaller crabs, each cut into two pieces. Personally, I found the Korean Marinated Raw Crab to be exceptionally fresh and sweet. Pairing it with the rice and side dishes provided was an absolute delight.

To complement our crab feast, we also ordered the Seafood Pancake, which was generously portioned—ideal for a group of four or more. It was a tasty addition to our meal.What impressed us most was the flexibility in customizing spice levels. Every soup marked as spicy on the menu could be ordered non-spicy. We opted for the non-spicy Seafood Stew with USA Crab, and it was a bowl full of delightful seafood goodness with a rich and savory broth.

Crab House

923 S Vermont Ave, 

Los Angeles, CA 90006

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