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【美食】Alhambra || CA, USA - Orange Bistro

As a Taiwanese food enthusiast, stumbling upon Orange Bistro in Alhambra was like discovering a hidden treasure trove of authentic Taiwanese flavors right in my neighborhood. From the moment I spotted the menu featuring my favorite Taiwanese dishes, I knew I was in for a treat.

First and foremost, the Oyster Omelet took me back to the bustling night markets of Taiwan. The omelet was cooked to perfection, with tender oysters perfectly balanced with the slightly crispy texture of the eggs. The savory sauce drizzled on top added a burst of flavor that transported me straight to the bustling streets of Taipei. This dish alone is worth the visit to Orange Bistro!

Next on my gastronomic journey were the Deep Fried Sticky Tofu and Shredded Bamboo with Pork Knuckle. The Deep Fried Sticky Tofu had a delightful contrast of crispy and soft textures, with a flavor profile that was both comforting and exciting. The Shredded Bamboo with Pork Knuckle was a masterpiece in itself, showcasing the chef's expertise in balancing flavors and textures to create a harmonious and satisfying dish.

One dish that absolutely stole the show was the Black sesame kidney with Vermicelli. This traditional Taiwanese delicacy combined tender pork kidneys with vermicelli noodles in a fragrant sesame oil broth. The rich and savory taste of the broth complemented the tender pork kidneys and delicate noodles perfectly, leaving me craving for more.

Orange Bistro offers a wonderful variety of dishes, and I suggest coming with a group so you can sample a wide range of items from their menu. Sharing a table and experiencing the diverse flavors together would make the dining experience even more memorable. Orange Bistro also offers a rare gem that's hard to find in this area: their signature Lamb Hot Pot. However, make sure to call ahead and reserve this dish.

11 W Main St,

Alhambra, CA 91801

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