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【景點】Temecula || CA, USA - Temecula Berry Co

During my trip to Temecula in May 2023, I had the pleasure of visiting the Temecula Berry Co. I must mention that this delightful berry farm operates seasonally, and it's essential to check their opening times before planning a visit. Unfortunately, they're currently closed and will reopen again in May 2024, so mark your calendars!

The concept of admission being based on the size of the container for blueberries was an interesting approach. I opted for the small size, and it was just right for a solo berry-picking adventure. Being an early bird and visiting right when they first opened in May, I experienced the excitement of picking fresh blueberries straight off the bushes. However, it's worth noting that during this early period, most of the blueberries were not fully ripe and sweet yet. It required a bit of patience and careful searching to find the larger and sweeter ones. For those who prefer the juiciest berries, I'd recommend visiting a little later in the season, as the berries would likely be more abundant and at their peak ripeness.

The staff members were friendly and provided helpful guidance on where to find the ripest patches. The farm itself had a picturesque setting with rows of blueberry bushes against a scenic backdrop, making the whole experience even more enjoyable. It's evident that Temecula Berry Co. is committed to providing a sustainable and authentic berry-picking experience, and I appreciate their efforts in preserving the natural charm of the farm.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and the delicious blueberries I managed to pick, I am eager to return next year when the blueberry bounty is at its fullest. The anticipation of a more bountiful harvest and even sweeter berries has already got me excited for my next visit in May 2024!

39700 Cantrell Rd,

Temecula, CA 92591

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