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【景點】Holmes || NY, USA - Crystal Park

Nestled about an hour's drive away from the city, Crystal Park is a picturesque haven, transformed into an art-infused recreational woodland. Encompassing a sprawling 200 acres of lush beauty, Crystal Park is a sanctuary of serenity. As I wandered through its rolling hills and tranquil waters, it was evident that the landscape had been thoughtfully curated. The infusion of art seamlessly woven into the natural canvas by talented artists brings forth an ethereal aura and a profound cultural dimension.

Art pieces are ingeniously crafted using aluminum alloys, aluminum tubing, iron frames, toughened glass, and more. This creative approach not only adds an artistic flair but also pays homage to Taiwan's heritage. For those seeking adventure, Crystal Park has a plethora of activities to offer. Whether you're in the mood for horseback riding, ATV exploration, or a leisurely boat ride on the glistening waters, the park caters to a variety of interests. As someone who appreciates both nature and art, I found the amalgamation of these experiences truly enchanting.

134 S White Rock Rd,

Holmes, NY 12531

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